Feature Voting Tools: 5 Best SaaS Feature Voting Tools on Market Today

5 min read , February 14, 2021
feature voting tool
A study of the top 5 feature voting tools.

If you’re in the market for a feature voting tool there’s no doubt that you’ve conducted at least one Google search.

If you did conduct a search on Google for a feature voting tool you will find the following five come up first.

To help you narrow it down, we’ve put together a few lists for you to compare and contrast what each feature voting tool can do for you, your users, and your team.

These feature voting tools are ranked according to their search results and relevance.

We’ve also listed the features you can get with each feature voting tool.

Along with that, there are benefits of each feature, also explained below.

If one of them does not include the listed feature, you will see that too.

We’ve also linked to each one for your exploration pleasure.


feature voting tool
Take a quick glance at the most prominent features of each feature voting tool.


Up first is our very own feature voting tool.

User upvoting

Users can upvote Features and your team can assess demand.

Single sign-on

Identify your users who contribute to your roadmap automatically.

Custom c-name domain

Your roadmap on your own custom domain.

Forum and discussion

Host discussions with commenting and replies around individual Features.

Kanban feature boards

Backend Feature management for your team so they can collaborate together.

Assign features to the team

Assign Features to your engineers, designers, or anyone on your team.

Custom statuses

Categorize Features on your customer Roadmap using your own statuses.

Embed changelog widget

Embed a changelog widget on your website to alert users of new releases.

Chrome extension

Capture & import feedback from your live chat, social media, or ticketing tools.


Up next we have the Upvoty feature voting tool.

Upvoty offers a ton of features, including:

Unlimited boards

Unlimited tracked users

Product roadmap


Custom domain

Internal comments


Post owners

Unlimited team members

Zapier integration

Intercom integration

Slack integration

Changelog - it is unclear whether or not their changelog widget is embedded into the interface but they do have a changelog so we gave them credit anyway. Be sure to check with them before making a decision based on whether or not they have an embedded changelog.



We found no evidence of a chrome extension for Upvoty.


Our next feature voting tool comes from Canny.

The Canny feature voting tool offers:

Tracked users (base)


Boards - unsure if this is a kanban feature board or not, check with them for any answers you seek.

Core features

Status updates, user profiles, single sign-on, admin reports, user reports, vote-on-behalf, tags, customization, admin badges, subdomain, widget

Private boards

User segmentation

Internal comments

Post Categories

Post ETAs

Post Owners

Admin Roles


API & Webhooks




Slack Notifications

Slack Feedback

Microsoft Teams



G Suite


Azure Active Directory




Up next is HELLONEXT.

The HELLONEXT feature voting tool offers the following features:

Unlimited feedback

Gather feedback from various sources.

Private Buckets

Protect feedback in buckets that are visible only to your team or your paid customers.

Create multiple buckets

Create and manage multiple buckets as you like. Organize feedback, bugs, ideas and so much more into buckets.

Choose default bucket

Choose a default bucket in which people pour all of their feedback.


Managers are people who administer the feedback flowing in for your account.


They are your customers. The ones who are going to give you the feedback for your product.

Dark mode

Accessing Hellonext in the night? Put less strain on your eyes with an insanely beautiful dark mode on Hellonext.

Guest upvotes

Allow guests to upvote on the features of your product.

View upvoters

Easily view who supported a feature request and even export all the users from the admin panel.

Permission control

Control who can access a bucket and who cannot. Set appropriate permissions for your team and for your customers.


Moderate all the content before that goes public.

Assign posts

Assign posts to your teammates to keep the customers updated.

Various sign-in methods

Allow your customers to sign-in with Google, GitHub, Apple or email.

100% responsive design

No matter the type of device you are accessing Hellonext from, it works like a native application on that device.

Color changing headers

Choose from a variety of beautiful colors to keep up with your brand color.

Import feedback

Have existing feedback? Import them from an existing source.

Threaded comments

Provide more context to your customers with threaded comments on Hellonext.

Reactions to comments New

Let your customers react to your comments via emojis.

Automagically notify customers

Shipped a new feature? Automatically let your customers know about it.

Markdown support

Post content with Markdown format. Hellonext's powerful markdown editor allows you to share rich-text content.

Private Organization

With just a flip of a button, make your organization private from search engines & others.

Powerful search

Hellonext's search is powered by Algolia. One of the fastest search engines on the planet.

Changelogs New

Changelog feature for you to publish the updates you've done for your product.

Export user details

Export your customer details with just a click of a button. It is simple, fast and efficient.


Tag your feedback to better organize your customer feedback.

Custom domains New

Map to your own domain like feedback.yourproduct.com.

Multi-lingual support

Let Hellonext talk in your own language. No matter where you are.

Free iOS & Android New

Download the free app for iOS and Android to manage your domain on the go. They have 80% feature replication on phones.


Support for integrations with other apps. Both to bring data into Hellonext or send it out of Hellonext.

Patreon Integration

Integrate your Patreon account to allow your customers to subscribe to you.

Intercom Integration New

Deep integration with all of Intercom's products to gather feedback easily.

Customize forms

Customize the form fields the way you need to delightfully gather feedback from your customers.

Transparent payment history

See all the payments you've ever made for Hellonext in one single dashboard.


Support for Single Sign-on to integrate logins with your product.

24/7 Support

24/7 customer support to help you with any issue you might face.

iFrame Embeds

Embed your Hellonext domain into your own product for easy feedback collection.


You can moderate feedback and moderate comments.


Last but not least we have the FeatureBoard feature voting tool.

The FeatureBoard feature voting tool offers:

Insights inbox

Features prioritization & planning

Portal with portal card updates

Portal custom branding (logo and colors)

Portal embedding and single sign-on

Portal on a custom domain

Roadmaps by status or release

Timeline-based roadmaps

Multiple portals

Prioritization matrix

Prioritization score and drivers

Custom fields

Custom values for task fields

Public API access

Multiple release groups

Advanced team collaboration


Dependencies (coming soon)

Product-specific fields

Portal without productboard branding

Multiple workspaces

Insights integrations




Gainsight PX

CSV upload

Email inbox

Chrome extension

Multiple email integrations

Development tools integrations


Pivotal tracker


Jira Cloud with one project

Azure DevOps Cloud with one project

Multiple Jira integrations

Multiple Azure DevOps integrations

Jira self-managed

Azure DevOps Server

And a whole lot more

They offer 4 different plans and you can find them on their website.

That’s what we’ve found.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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