Product Managers: 15 of Our Favorite Product Managers You Must Follow in 2020

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Product Manager
The best Product Managers model their careers after the best Product Managers.

Successful Product Managers will strive to follow the model of success that is being forged by the most successful Product Managers and their Product Teams.

In order to identify the best Product Managers, we did extensive research to find those rising stars as well as those who have longstanding success in SaaS Product Management.

If they are not already C-suite executives, and some are, you can expect to see some or all of these people become C-suite level talent or go on to start their own companies in the future.

Here’s our list of our absolute favorite Product Managers whom we think all Product Managers should watch, model, and possibly work with one day, if they’re lucky.

Ezinne Udezue

Product Manager
Ezinne Udezue, wife, mother, Product Consultant and VP of Product at Procore.

VP of Product


As VP of Product, Ezinne leads the product development team at Procore, a cloud-based construction software management company based in California.

Prior to Procore, she worked in Product Management at T-Mobile, Time, Inc, and Bazaarvoice.

A highly educated woman, Ezinne has degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Columbia University.

Ezinne also owns her own consulting firm called Product Mind, Inc.

You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Donald Richard

Product Manager
Don Richard, Senior Product Manager at Slack and self-described husband, father, and Christian.

Senior Product Manager


With a background in B2C/B2B payments, eCommerce, ordering platforms, and messaging services, Donald is a proven Product Management professional who has lots of experience.

Donald also has a background in legal writing, board leadership, and he founded a venture called Coin Labs.

You can find Don on LinkedIn, and on Twitter.

Roman Pichler

Consultant, Trainer, Author
Roman Pichler has written a ton of books on Product Management.

Product Management Consultant, Trainer, and Author

Pichler Consulting

Roman Pichler is a leading product management expert specializing in digital products and agile practices.

Roman teaches product managers and product owners, he advises product leaders, and he helps companies build successful product management organizations.

Roman is the author of several books, including:

"How to Lead in Product Management"


"Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age"

"Agile Product Management with Scrum"

Additionally, Roman hosts his own product management podcast and he offers a range of free product management tools.

You can find Roman on his blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Alex Davis

Product & Growth
Alex Davis is leading product management at Mozilla via Firefox.

Product & Growth


Alex is an experienced Product Manager and former entrepreneur specializing in growth with 15 years of experience working in both fast-paced tech startups and established technology leaders.

Alex works on Accounts, Sync, telemetry, and experiments.

You can find Alex on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Josh Elman

Josh Elman is a Product Builder, Board Member and Product Advisor

Product Builder/Board Member/Product Advisor

Various Companies

The former VP of Product at Robinhood, Josh is a board member at several companies including Greylock Partners, Mammoth Media, Discord, and Medium.

Josh is also an Angel Investor.

You can find Josh on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium.

Casey Winters

Casey Winters is the Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite.

Chief Product Officer


As the Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite, Casey leads the Product team in the areas of product management, product design, user research, performance marketing, and strategy functions.

In addition to his position at Eventbrite, Casey is also an advisor to Ritual, Beek, and Hipcamp.

For more information on Casey, you can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on his website called Casey Accidental.

Eric Ries

Eric Ries is a Founder and CEO, an Entrepreneur, and Author.

Founder and CEO

Long-Term Stock Exchange

Not just a Founder and CEO, Eric is an entrepreneur, blogger, and author of the New York Times bestselling book titled “The Lean Startup” as well as a second book titled “The Startup Way.”

To catch up with Eric, you can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on his blog.

Dan Martell

Dan Martell, Coach, Founder and Angel Investor


Dan Martell

Dan is a serial founder, angel investor, and he has his own SaaS YouTube channel.

Dan works as the SaaS coach at Dan Martell where he helps SaaS companies grow and scale to five figures per month and beyond.

If you would like to learn more from Dan, visit him on LinkedIn, Twitter, on his podcast, and on his website.

Steli Efti

Steli Efti is the CEO of Close



At Close, Steli is building the sales communication platform of the future with a built-in calling feature on their CRM, eliminating manual processes to help sales teams close sales faster, without the tedium.

In addition to being the CEO over at Close, Steli is also a Senior Venture Partner over at Pioneer Fund.

Want more from Steli? Find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, his YouTube channel, on his podcast, and on his website.

Merci Victoria Grace

Merci is a Founder with a background in Product Management.


Lightspeed Ventures

Currently, Merci serves as Founder of Women in Product and as an Investor at Lightspeed.

In addition to those current roles, Merci is the Former Head of Growth at Slack, and she is the former founder of GameLayers.

You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on her website.

Tamar Yehoshua

Chief Product Officer
Tamar Yehoshua is Chief Product Officer at Slack.

Chief Product Officer


Tamar currently leads product, design, and research at Slack as a Chief Product Officer.

That means bringing people, data, and applications into a single place where people can effectively work together, find important information, and get more out of the software they use every day through integrations with Slack.

If you want to collaborate or learn more about Tamar, you can find Tamar on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Brittney Gwynn

Product Managers
Lead Product Manager at Artsy and owner of the Podcast “Girl Talk with Pops”.

Product Management Leader


Graduating with honors with a degree in Finance from Howard University, Brittney Gwynn started out at Google in 2010.

Since her time at Google, she progressed in Product Management roles with different companies, founded her own platform called “Girl Talk with Pops”, and finally ended up in her current role as Product Management Leader at Artsy.

For the past year, since August 2019, Brittney has been the Product Manager at Artsy.

Artsy is an online platform for discovering, buying, and selling fine art.

You can find Brittney on Girl Talk with Pops, Medium, and LinkedIn.

Rafael Balbi

Lead Product Manager
Rafael Balbi, Lead Product Manager at Vimeo

Lead Product Manager


Rafael is an experienced Product Manager and operator who enjoys the craft of building internet technology products for the world.

Rafael has a taste for financial modeling, he’s a semi time instructor and yogi.

You can find Rafael on LinkedIn.

Daniel Layfield

Product Manager
Daniel Layfield, Product Manager at Codecademy.

Product Manager


With an extensive background in entrepreneurship, finance, and consulting Daniel is definitely a burgeoning professional with lots of promise.

Daniel has been with Codecademy since 2016 and he shows no signs of slowing down.

You can find Daniel on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Alex Powell

Director, Product Management
Alex Powell, Director of Product Management at Greenhouse Software, Inc.

Director, Product Management

Greenhouse Software, Inc.

Over the past 6 years, Alex has moved progressively from associate product manager to director, product management over at Greenhouse.

A graduate of Princeton University, Alex brings plenty to the table in the realm of product management.

For more information about him, visit him on LinkedIn, or read his writing on Medium.

Alexander Tsu

Product Manager
Alexander Tsu, Product Manager at Google.

Product Manager


During his career as a product manager, Alexander has worked at Trunk Club, AOL, and Foursquare.

Alexander’s passions are business, technology, and design.

You can find him on LinkedIn, Medium, and on his own website.

There you have them! These people are bound to go far in their careers. We hope they will inspire, educate, and excite you today and beyond.

Who are some of your favorite Product Managers? Share some of your favorites with us. Tell us all about them on our social media pages.

Thanks for reading with us today!

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